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The Kroc Center strives to bring the highest quality programs, activities and service to every member of the community. Whether you're interested in the arts, or the many areas of sports and fitness, you'll find unlimited opportunity within the walls of this unique center. Activities are designed for the entire family, as well as for each individual age group so every person's needs are adequately met. There's even a drop-in Play Care where infants and children can play and be supervised while parents attend fitness and aquatic classes. For a complete list of programs, view the Program Guide online.


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Fall Into Fitness: Walk/Running Group
Tuesdays,  Sept 9–Nov 4, 5:30–6:30pm, Ages 13+ or
Thursdays,  Sept 11–Nov 6, 9:30–10:30am, Ages 13+
Gold Members $28  |  Silver/Public $35

Calling all walkers, joggers, and runners to join in our new fall walking/running groups. Kroc Coaches will lead you through workout options to help get you in shape and ready for races like the Kroc Fall 5K, 10K, ½ marathon. Get great workouts, training tips, and experience outdoor wellness. This group will meet at the Kroc Café before heading outdoors. Please be prepared for weather changes. All participants receive a Kroc Team t-shirt. Register Online.

Train Right
Mondays or Thursdays, Sept 15–Oct 20, 5:30–6:20pm, Ages 15+
Gold Members $32  |  Silver/Public $40
Are you an active adult that wants to take your training to another level? Train Right is what you have been waiting for! Learn proper training techniques to increase strength, agility, explosive speed, and flexibility. This program will include but not limited to the use of TRX, free weights, plyometric boxes/steps, kettle bells and medicine balls. Kroc coaches will instruct sessions that will include proper warm up, correct form and how to be efficient in increasing performance. Methods such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) and TABATA will be utilized in training sessions. Register Online.

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Tri Swim Performance
Tues/Thurs, Nov 4–Dec 18, 5:30–7am, Ages 15+
Gold Members $40  |  Silver/Public $50
This off season class is designed to allow students to focus on refining their stroke prior to the endurance building phases of triathlon swimming. Experienced coaches will film, evaluate, and give individualized pointers on how to develop stroke length and efficiency. This class is the perfect lead into the Tri Endurance class that begins in January. Register Online.

Tri Cyclying Performance
Saturdays, Nov 1–Dec 13, 8:50–10am, Ages 15+
Gold Members $20  |  Silver/Public $25
This off season class is designed to allow students to focus on developing proper cycling form and pace development prior to the endurance building phases of triathlon cycling. Experienced coaches will work with students to develop cycling technique that will prepare them for the Tri Endurance cycling class that begins in January. Register Online.

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American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Class
Wed/Thurs, Sept 17–Oct 9, 4–8pm, Ages 15+
Gold Members $136  |  Silver/Public $170
Instructor candidates will learn the skills necessary to teach water safety, including the Basic Water Rescue and Personal Water Safety courses, six levels of Learn-to-Swim, three levels of Preschool Aquatics and two levels of Parent and Child Aquatics. Learn to identify key elements and strategies for planning and preparing effective and safe swim lessons. Learn techniques to adapt teaching to meet unexpected challenges including behavior issues and the ability to accommodate participants with disabilities and other health conditions. Participation in all classes is required.
Prerequisites: Demonstrate Level 4 proficiency by swimming 25 yards each of front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke and 15 yards of butterfly; maintain position on back for one minute in deep water (floating or sculling); tread water for one minute. Register Online.

Jr. Water Polo
Sundays, November, 3–4:30pm, Ages 13–19
Gold Members $12  |  Silver/Public $15
Join us for weekly water polo practices and scrimmages. Water Polo drills and skills are followed by weekly games for all players. Both new and experienced players are welcome to join us. Prerequisite: Must be able to swim 200 yards continuously in deep water and to tread water. Register Online.

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Adult Fine Art Workshops
5:30–7:30pm, Ages 18+
Gold Members $20  |  Silver/Public $25

Sept. 23: Michelle Fellegy
Oct. 21: Christina Hull
Nov. 4: Chelsea Cordova
Dec. 2: Stephen Shortridge
Never painted? No problem! Join us for one or all of these Adult Fine Art Workshops. A local guest artist will guide you through your painting, start to finish. Media includes Acrylic and or Watercolor. You will take home your completed painting at the end of the evening. Perfect for date night or a night out with the girls! Drop the kids off in Play Care for two hours, at an additional cost, and enjoy an evening at The Kroc. Register Online.

Fun with Electronics: Light up LED Pumpkin
Tuesdays, October 14–28, 4–6pm, Ages 11+
Gold Members $28  |  Silver/Public $35
Forget the candle, build an electronic device that when triggered by sound, emits a bright yellow/orange LED light to illuminate the interior of a pumpkin. Using a mechanical power switch, a 9 volt battery, an electronic circuit board, a LED (Light Emitting Diode) and an audio sensor (microphone) your battery-powered device is then placed in a plastic box inside the pumpkin. Pumpkin will only turn on when the microphone detects sound. Prerequisite: Previous experience with one of our Fun with Electronics classes or take our one day prerequisite class on October 7. Supplies included (Except for the pumpkin). Register Online.

New! Open Senior Time
Tuesdays, 11:30am–2pm, Ages 55+, Free to members & day pass users
We are redefining the term “senior” at The Kroc Center. This group is all about having fun! Enjoy playing cards, games, crafting, community involvement projects and Live and Learn Moments, which include travel series, workshops, speakers and more! Check out our monthly calendar to stay connected with all the senior happenings throughout the Kroc Center. Coffee provided during regularly scheduled programs. Don’t forget the Daily Lunch Special at The Kroc Café is $3.50 on Tuesdays for seniors! Join us for the last Tuesday of every month for day trips including Green Bluff, Bowling, Christmas Shopping and more!

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Schedules, Pricing, Programming and Policies subject to change without notice.

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